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November 3, 2014

Shooting of APPRENTICE starts on November 14th 2014

We are pleased to announce, that the shooting of our Singaporean-German and French co-production starts in Singapor.

By telling the story about an executioner's "apprentice" the director BOO Junfeng questions the imposition of death penalty in prison in a profound way. APPRENTICE is the second film by BOO Junfeng. His debut film SANDCASTLE celebrated its world premiere in La Semaine de la Critique in Cannes.

October 27, 2014

AMID VALLEYS AND MOUNTAINS- screening at Filmpalette in Cologne on November 13th 14

Our Brazilian co-production AMID VALLEYS AND MOUNTAINS // ENTRE VALES celebrates its cinematic premiere in the 7th edition of CINEMA LATIONO COLOGNE, as part of the Film Festival Cologne.

The film shows two contrary life stories of men. While the management consultant Vincente is confronted with the destruction of his life, that literally ends up in the garbage, the homeless person Antonio goes the opposite way.

AMID VALLEYS AND MOUNTAINS  is an amenable and emotional story, a metaphor about damage and rehabilitation, disposal and recycling…

Please visit the festival homepage for more information:

And here is the trailer:

October 14, 2014

BECAUSE I WAS A PAINTER screening on October 10th 2014

Our German-French co-production is a poetic documentary about the necessity of art. In dealing with art works made by inmates of the concentration camps, which were painted secretly and under great danger.  Director Christophe Cognet manages to create an intense sight about  life and death in the camps.

The documentary allows the artists, to show some of these works and have a chance to show why art can be just as vital as eating or drinking

More information:

October 9, 2014

Cologne producers invite

Tonight the Cologne producers are inviting professionals of the film industry to the Rhenania Kunsthaus  in co-operation with the Cologne Conference.

This meeting provides the opportunity to talk about the strong output of the independent film scene in Cologne NRW and to expand networks  in a relaxed atmosphere with Kölsch and sausages.


October 2, 2014

MY BROTHER' S KEEPERS in Busan and Cologne

We are very pleased to announce two premieres of MY BROTHER'S KEEPER!

After the world premiere at the Berlinale, My Brother’s Keeper will celebrate it’s  international premiere will in South Korea during the 19th Busan International Film Festival. The screening are on October 7th and 8th in the presence of the director Maximilian Leo.

The Cologne premiere is going to be right before on Ocrtober 4th  as part of the Cologne Conference held at the Film Forum Museum Ludwig. We are looking forward to see the whole team again. We cordially invite you to the after party at CoCo Schmitz.

September 26, 2014



Thomas Müller is the most common name in Germany. That means Thomas Müller must be also the most common German man. Right?

The director Christian Heynen goes on tour across Germany in order to find the average "Thomas Müller" of Germany.  He visits all the Thomas Müllers, who seem to form the average. But contrary to the statistics, the Thomas Müllers of Germany seem not to fit into the scheme. The documentary portrays the real individuals, who just happen to have the same name.

Have fun watching the documentary and following the journey looking for the “typical German”.

Release date:  March 20th 2014

DVD-Release: September 26th 2014


August 31, 2014

THE WOUNDED ANGEL won the Work in Progress session at the Sarajevo International Film Festival

The Kazakh film director Emir Baigazin’s WOUNDED ANGEL has won the CineLink Work in Progress session at the Sarajevo International Film Festival. 

The young film director, known for his brilliant debut film HARMONY LESSONS, won €80 thousand ($105 thousand) from the German company Post Republic. All in all, seven film projects by young and already well-known film directors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Israel, Kazakhstan, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia competed for the prize this year.

THE WOUNDED ANGEL is an Kazakh-French-German Co-Production with Kazakhfilm JSC and Capricci Films. It is Emir Baigazin's second feature film and the second part of a scheduled trilogy dealing with sensitive teenaged issues. Emir Baigazin's debut HARMONY LESSIONS also won the Work in Progress in 2012 and has been awarded with a Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution by the jury of the 63th Berlinale 2013.

June 6, 2014

WHO IS THOMAS MUELLER? Wins the award of Merit at the Accolade Global Film Competition

We are happy to announce, that the transmedia documentary WHO IS THOMAS MUELLER? won the award of Merit at the Accolade Global Film Competition in the category for feature film.

WHO IS THOMAS MUELLER? is a humorous quest searching the most average German, directed by Christian Heynen.  Additional information about WHO IS THOMAS MUELLER?:


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