First look at new thriller BERLIN NOBODY

The Berlin-set feature has sold to Rialto (Australia and New Zealand), Sky (UK), Eagle (Italy), Just Entertainment (Benelux), Mislabel (Scandinavia and Iceland), Inopia (Spain), M2 (Eastern Europe), Spentzos (Greece), Nos Audiovisuais (Portugal), Front Row (Middle East), Bir (Turkey), Shaw (Singapore), Ricochet (airline).

It follows an American ex-pat and a social psychologist who relocates to Berlin to further his research on the epidemic of cult mentality, while his daughter becomes embroiled with a local boy, and is inspired by Nicholas Hogg’s 2015 novel Tokyo.

This is the second film under the strategic sales partnership between UK sales agent Protagonist Pictures and German outfit augenschein Sales, following THE DIVE.

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